HealthPass PLUS

HealthPass PLUS Membership

BEMC New Member Services IconThe HealthPass PLUS Plan is a popular member based healthcare product that includes access to nationwide preventive, episodic primary & urgent care services, as well as to 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified providers and pediatricians via phone or online. Members also enjoy prescription discounts, most x-rays, labs, and ancillary services, all of which is compliant under the new Affordable Care Act. Members will avoid the individual tax fine if an employer of 50 employees of greater offers the program and contributes towards the employee’s Plan fee. Employers of 50 or less are not subject to the ACA employer requirements or any penalties.

Why you need a HealthPass from HP USA?

• Convenient, medical care when you need it
• No bills; services performed in clinics included
• Extended hours & weekends available
• Pre-existing conditions are included
• No-co-pay, insurance or co-insurance required
• Your HealthPass includes x-rays, labs and testing

Episodic & Preventive Care

icon-team-careA HealthPass PLUS membership covers episodic primary and preventive care. You’ll have no out-of pocket expenses or deductibles to meet for episodes of illness, routine in-network checkups, pap smears and more. It’s easier to stay healthy with regular preventive care. Preventive care includes: routine vaccines, flu and pneumonia shots, annual physical, mammogram, pap smear, prostate and colorectal screenings

Imaging, Diagnostics & X-Rays

MRI-512With a HealthPass PLUS Plan, most blood work and x-rays are included at a participating network provider location. Blood work covers tests such as Complete Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Culture, Hemoglobin, Cholesterol and hundreds of others. X-rays include most common x-rays performed in a HealthPass network urgent care facility.

Urgent Care

Urgent-CareAccess services at urgent care facilities from hundreds of medical centers throughout the United States. HealthPass USA is raising the standard of healthcare by putting individuals first, treating them with clinical excellence, and focusing on their well-being. With your membership, there are no hidden fees to worry about.


Telemedicine_IconWhether sick at work or in bed all day, a doctor is a phone call away. Talk to a doctor online, or by phone and have your problem diagnosed, medicine prescribed, or if necessary, instructed on what to do next. With 24/7/365 access to a doctor, access to healthcare hasn’t been any more simple. Reap the benefit of innovative healthcare!